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Northeast Ohio EndocrinologyComprehensive Diabetes CareNerve Conduction Studies

Diabetic neuropathy, commonly experienced as burning, numbness, tingling, pain, etc., in feet and hands, is one of the most universal and under diagnosed diabetic complications. Since it is not life threatening, it is generally inadequately addressed in general medical practice. We offer objective measurement of the nerve impairment leading to specific problem tailored advice by our diabetes specialists.

Diabetes is the 21st century epidemic of the civilized world. It takes toll on the individual, the immediate family and the community. Our program includes a highly specialized team dedicated to the patient care including medical care, dietary advice, life style and exercise initiatives and close monitoring and nurturing of positive behaviors. The program is under the leadership of our board certified medical professionals including our doctors, nurses and diabetes educator.

Thyroid AssessmentDiabetic Eye Exams

Thyroid disease is slowly coming to public attention thanks to numerous recently published books, internet materials and other media endeavors. Let our experts navigate you through these complex issues offering our personal approach to each and every patient. We perform in-office thyroid ultrasounds, thyroid biopsies and modern biochemical/blood testing leading to precise diagnoses. Our physicians are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer.

We offer on site diabetic eye exams to test for diabetic retinopathy. There are no drops or dilation of the eyes required for this test. One picture of each eye is taken to be reviewed by a specialist.

Insulin Pump Program

Our insulin pump program is closely integrated with comprehensive diabetes care incorporating the most advanced medical technology in insulin delivery and monitoring with the ultimate goal of providing tight blood sugar control leading to better health with less diabetes complications and a more flexible lifestyle.


Bone quality and fracture potential are important health issues that are still randomly approached, and inadequately diagnosed and treated. Do not subscribe to the false belief that it is due to age and nothing can be done. Non-traumatic fracture, frailty, low weight, post menopausal state, age above 60 and 70 in women and men, respectively, smoking, certain medications, certain endocrine conditions, adrenal, thyroid, pituitary, etc are just a few of the recognized risks for osteoporosis. Today we control various powerful methods of managing this condition, including routine bone density x-rays done in the office.

Weight Management Program

We offer on site metabolic evaluations resulting in an individualized lifestyle and medical approach to this complex problem. Before entering the program, all of our patients undergo a thorough medical evaluation to rule out common medical conditions known to impair the energy balance.

Vascular Evaluation

Diabetes and other medical conditions lead to diminished circulation in vascular beds including the lower extremities. Simple, non-invasive techniques available in our office can diagnose and alert for these potentially dangerous conditions, thus leading to appropriate medical care with the ultimate goal of preventing extremity loss and other critical vascular events.